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Summer Camp 2020: The Home Game

The Toy Guy, Chris Byrne


There’s an annual ritual for many kids across the country at the end of June—summer camp. There are day camps and sleepaway camps, and while many around the country are trying to operate this year, many are not.  The ongoing impact of COVID-19, has upset plans and challenged families to create activities for the long summer days.em about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention... (click to read entire blog post)

July 07, 2020

 WGNTV, Channel 9 in Chicago, Kristina Miller with Chris Byrne, The Toy Guy

Every camp has it’s own t-shirt, and you can customize yours with a t-shirt/craft kit that lets you change the front panel on the shirt to match the day, the mood, or your activities for the day. It’s a clever idea, and you can also buy stencils separately for a more professional look. The shirts are 100% cotton and machine washable.

Click this link to see the entire segment which includes many summer camp at home ideas.

July 04, 2020

Crafting Vicky, Youtube Video, Vicky 

Watch Vicky try a bunch of products from Chalk of the Town in a YouTube video. Vicky decorates T-shirts, tote bags, patches and tries out the Chalk of the Town stencils and has a blast!

June 03, 2020

Amid coronavirus pandemic "Mompreneur' gives back to her NYC community, by Emily DeCiccio, Fox News

Sondra Mansfield, a native New Yorker and small business owner, saw people losing their jobs around her and understood the impact of the growing food insecurity in New York, so she partnered with City Harvest to help give bak to her community.

Click link to watch the video and read the full article.

Kids Can Learn at Home Through Play

May 28, 2020

Sherry Artmanko from PAL Awards, presents to the FOX6 Milwaukee TV audience, great toys and activities to keep children learning at home through play!  

May 06, 2020

Toy Book, by James Zahn

Chalk of the Town is stepping up to assist City Harvest in its efforts to rescue food and deliver it to those in need.

Now through June 15, the Manhattan-based maker of customizable T-shirts and tote bags with chalkboard surfaces will donate 10% of its profits to City Harvest. As New York City’s largest food rescue organization, City Harvest is expected to rescue 74 million pounds of excess food this year. The organization will deliver it, free of charge, to food pantries, soup kitchens, and other partners.

“We are a New York-based small business. I am a NYC native. And New Yorkers always step up to help one another in times of need, so we felt it was important for us to do our part during this unprecedented crisis,” says Sondra Mansfield, chief chalking officer, Chalk of the Town. “City Harvest has always been there to help feed our great city, but we certainly have never before seen anything on the scale of this pandemic. We’re happy to be able to help support the work this amazing organization, helping ensure that there’s food for our neighbors in the uncertain weeks and months ahead.”

Chalk of the Town joins a number of toymakers and adjacent businesses that have been leading efforts to do some good as the world struggles to adjust in the COVID-19 era.

May 14, 2020

Chatty Patty's Place, by Patty Hancock

Do you ever have occasions where you wish you had the perfect tee to express yourself?  Well, now you can always have that opportunity with Chalk of the Town Chalkboard T-Shirt Kits!

Dream it, draw it, wear it! These fun chalk t-shirt kits are erasable, re-usable and machine washable and allows kids and adults to create and wear their own specially designed t-shirt. Available in youth sizes XS to XL and adult sizes S to 2XL in lime green! I had a little fun with my tee and made a Coronavirus themed shirt.

Say What You Want!

Birthday, Game Day, Holiday, Vacation, Quotes, Express Feelings, Warn Others

No need to worry if you make a mistake or change your mind.  Just wipe and redo!

April 27, 2020

Craft Activities For Stay-at-Home Fun. Happy Strong Home Blog, By Julie Kieras 

This spring, the boys and I discovered Chalk of the Town t-shirts. These are literally chalkboard tees! Kids can design and wear, then wash and re-design something new each time! Each shirt comes with several colors of chalk paint markers and stencils. It’s easy to create a slogan tee or artwork to wear. Pick from Speech Bubble, Unicorn, Heart, and other designs. 

April 13, 2020

These are the Most Fun Indoor Activities for Kids to Enjoy at Home, By Marisa LaScala

Tips to keep kids entertained while in isolation

Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blog, By Miranda

Chalk-Of-The-Town products allows kids to express their inner artist or character or personality. They can also express their feelings like “I miss my friends” or “I love my family.”

The patented chalkboard surface printed on fabric T-Shirts, Totes, and patches comes with special markers to use. Stencils can help those who don’t have the artful gene as well. When done, wipe it off or throw it in the wash and start again! Kids will enjoy getting to create over and over again!

March 24, 2020

My Four and More Parenting Blog, By Amy Smith

Creativity is often lost in our rush rush world. We now have time to slow down and be home more. Take full advantage of this time to be able to encourage your children to use their creativity for the good. Chalk the Town is a great option for children to have be creative AND share happiness. Each day, they can create a new happy saying on their shirt or a fun drawing for all the world to see (on social media). 

March 15, 2020

San Diego Family Magazine

Chalkboard Patch
Draw with included chalk markers to create a design and simply wipe down the patch with a wet cloth to clear the patch for the next creation. The high-quality fabric patch is machine washable when sewn onto clothes. Stick the patch onto any hard surface such as a laptop, school locker or lunchbox and customize with a daily message to your friends, write a reminder or favorite quote, or simply doodle.

What's on Kids' minds in 2020?

La familia de Broward, Motivación

When the global toy community gathers in New York at the Jacob Javits Center, don’t be surprised if play professionals silently jot down their feelings using erasable colored markers inside a circle. That’s because Chalk of the Town (Booth 5219) will be introducing their Chalkboard Patch ($9.95). Think of it as the 2020 thought bubble. Ponder a sentiment then draw it with chalk markers. The next day, wipe it away with a wet cloth to make way for a new message for all to see.

The concept is catching on with consumers. All products – t-shirts, totes and patches — are erasable and reusable. 

Select the link to read more . . .

21 best gifts for 11-year-olds 2019 from TODAY

November 20, 2019

Not quite a teenager, yet no longer a little kid, an 11-year-old still wants to be surprised during the holidays — they just don't want the typical toys they used to receive.

To simplify the struggle that is shopping for tweens, we've rounded up a list with everything you need to make an 11-year-old smile. From an electric powered scooter to a new way to play Pictionary, these picks won't disappoint!

Chalk of the Town T-Shirts - Add a little chalk and they can customize their own T-shirt. From writing their favorite phrases to drawing a picture, the sky's the limit!

December 09, 2019

ABC News

The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, shows off a collection of practical new gadgets that’ll make the perfect present for loved ones of all ages.

Chalk of the Town on WBFF in Baltimore MD

January 01, 2020 January 2020 By Elana Epstein 

We love it!  A few of our editors' favorites. Holiday Gift Guide, by 

Kids have enough stuff, but everyone loves a good craft project – especially one that can be repeated and hold all of your favorite things. With Chalk of the Town, both kids and adults can personalize this Silver Heart tote bag, over and over again! Write a quote or a name, draw a fabulous design or a simple daily reminder. Change your mind? Wipe with a damp cloth and start all over.

Each kit includes a 12 oz cotton canvas bag, 2 chalk markers, and erasing cloth. So, have your child design their own tote bag for the holidays. It really cannot get any easier than this.

FOX TV4 News, Dallas

Tweens! You think they're hard to shop for? Nah! Steve Noviello says these gifts are perfect..

December 02, 2019

Parents & Kids, Dasha Peipon

Dress-up days at school will be extra fun if you can draw or write a special message on your shirt! Chalk of the Town T-shirt comes with bright chalk marker pens to let your creativity flow. Once dry, the ink doesn’t smudge. Feel like a change? Wipe with a damp cloth or wash – and you are ready for a new design!

Trendy Gifts Tweens Will Love!

November 23, 2019

FOX4 Gift Guide, By Steve Noviello

Proudly wear your thoughts with this re-markable and erasable chalkboard t-shirt. With the "chalk of the town" - children can design and express themselves with a customized shirt every week. When you're done with your message, wipe it clean and change it up.

Holidazzle ‘Em With the Coolest Erasable Chalkboard T-Shirts For Everyone On Your Holiday Gift List!

November 28, 2019

Mom Fab Fun an Online Destination for Moms who are Fabulous!, By Kristin Bisco

I am so excited about these new Chalk of the Town Chalkboard T-Shirt Kits! These are fun, fashionable, and educational at the same time!  And it makes the perfect gift for the holidays.  My daughter could hardly wait to open them! They are really easy to get started.  Just take out the markers and shake them up before using them to draw on the shirts. She started free-hand drawing immediately with the different colors. . . 

November 27, 2019

JADE Gift Guide: Kids Gifts

Create a personalized tote every day with this fun kit. Use the included chalk markers to write or draw whatever you think of and then wipe it off and start all over if you think of something new.

Stocking Stuffers for Kids

November 15, 2019

My Four and More Blog, Amy Smith

Stocking Stuffers for Kids - Chalk of the Town Chalkboard Patch

Holiday Gift Guide 2019 - Totes and Tees

Blog: Staying Close To Home, By Maria Long

I found the gift I’m buying for all the little ones on my Christmas list:  a T-shirt on which you can write a chalkboard message!  My six year old daughter wore her new “Chalk of the Town” T-shirt to school yesterday where she used the chalk markers (supplied with the shirt) to decorate it with the message, “Hi, My Name is Cate!”  She said that every girl in her class told her how much they loved her shirt at some point during the day.  How is that for an endorsement?! 

I was curious how the shirt would hold up after a day at school:  amazing was the answer!  The writing had not deteriorated at all since she had left in the morning.  The Chalk of the Town kits come with high quality chalk markers kids can use to decorate and they wipe off easily with a wet rag.

Chanukah Gift Guide

November 15, 2019

Chanukah Gift Guide, by Jodie Maoz

When sisters Wendy and Sondra notice chalkboard surfaces trending in interior design they thought, "Imagine if we could put a chalkboard on a shirt to create a new shirt everyday." As mothers themselves they also felt the shirts had to be durable, machine washable and reusable. After much research and a bit of product testing help from their school aged children, Chalk of the Town T-shirts were born.

Fashion Gift Ideas, Amy Smith

My little unicorn loving princess is going to fall head over heels for this adorable t-shirt. I can already hear the giggles as we get to design her favorite unicorn, her silliest unicorn, her warrior unicorn… I can only imagine the stories she will tell with this super cute shirt. A shirt that sparks the imagination. Well done Chalk of the Town. Well done.  

Holiday Gift List 2019, by Living Chic Mom

Now here is a Tee-riffic holiday gift idea! Check out these Chalk of the Town super cool customizable shirts for both kids and adults. These fun T-shirts make ideal gifts for artists, fashionistas, wordsmiths and even sports fans. Just use their perfectly precise water-based chalk markers to decorate these shirts for holiday parties, sporting events, birthdays or any day.  The chalkboard can be wiped clean with water and the products used again for the next holiday or event.  These re-markable and erasable chalkboard products will continue to earn compliments long after the gift wrap has been tossed.

We got all 5 kids matching shirts for our holiday photo's this year! Stay tuned - kid photo's coming soon!

Chalkboard T-Shirts

October 31, 2019

GOODlife Magazine November/December 2019 - Annie F. Downs  


Instead of wearing their heart on their sleeve, have kids boldly wear their thoughts on their chest with the re-markable and erasable chalkboard tee shirt, appropriately called Chalk Of The Town! With one kit, kids can design and wear a new customized shirt design every week.

October 30, 2019

Shappy Chic Boho, by Terri

Well, it’s almost Halloween and then Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here in a minute.  Time flies when you’re having fun and we are having the time of our lives with my new T-Shirts and Totes from Chalk of the Town.  With so many colors and styles to choose from, they have something for everyone, adults, and children.  Their totes would make a great any day or even Christmas gift for teachers.  They have everything you need to create your own masterpiece from markers (some items come with markers) to cute stencils of everything imaginable.  They even have the cloths to erase your work to start over. Unlike a lot of chalkboard markers, these are really simple to erase with a damp cloth.

Stocking Stuffers For Everyone On Your List

Budsies, Blog by Melissa Headley

Stocking stuffers are sometimes an afterthought purchase because of the holiday rush. You want to make sure you have that amazing gift for mom, dad, the kids, and everyone on your list. But the right stocking stuffer gift can really stand out on Christmas morning. Whether you like to fill your stockings with practical, goofy, or trendy items, we have you covered with stocking stuffers for all your loved ones.

Blog: My Four and More, Amy Smith

I must admit… the little lady of the house may not be getting her hands on this tote bag from Chalk of the Town. I absolutely love being able to personalize this bag. I can write my errands on it so I don’t forget – not that I ever forget, ahem. If I do give in and let her “borrow” it, I will write sweet notes to encourage her every time she sees it. This bag will be a great gift for any age group! 

October 03, 2019

Daily Mom Blog

Rather than wearing their heart on their sleeve this fall, your kids can boldly wear their thoughts on their chest with these “re-markable” and erasable chalkboard t-shirts by Chalk of the Town. Using chalk markers and stencils (sold as a kit or separately) kids can customize their shirt with words, doodles or whatever inspires them at the moment. Once the ink dries, the design stays on until you are ready to erase or wash.

September 11, 2019

Parenting in Progress, by Bethany Stout

Looking for a really cool new style for the new school year?  My daughter is in love with Chalk of the Town t-shirts and bags.  Instead of wearing their heart on their sleeve, have kids boldly wear their thoughts on their chest with the re-markable and erasable chalkboard tee shirt, appropriately called Chalk Of The Town! With one kit, kids can design and wear a new customized shirt every week of the school year. . .

September 05, 2019

Working Mother

Help your kids express themselves and have a fun craft project, too. Chalk of the Town makes an entire line of items you can personalize with brightly colored chalk markers, over and over again. T-Shirt kits, which come to a cotton t-shirt, stencil, three chalk markers, and cloth, are both fun and stylish. And they can let your kids show off their creative side. Check out the new "I'M READING" tote bag where kids can both carry and share what books they love! It’s perfect for both girls and boys, ages 4 to 14+


The mark-able shirts have been featured on TV’s TODAY Show as a back-to-school supply to wear on the first day. Blogger Cool Mom Picks described the tees as encouraging creativity and the serious subject of activism. “My middle schooler immediately added the hashtag #NeverAgain to hers and wore it to school the next day, to bring attention to the peaceful school walkout to commemorate the lives lost in Parkland, Florida.” Instead of wearing their heart on their sleeve, have kids boldly wear their thoughts on their chest with the re-markable and erasable chalkboard tee shirt, appropriately called Chalk Of The Town! With one kit, kids can design and wear a new customized shirt every week of the school year.

July 31, 2019

TOY INSIDER By Debbie Zelaszy

Personalize It!

Chalk of the Town makes an entire line of items you can personalize with brightly colored chalk markers. Kids can design their own tote bags with Chalk-of-the-Town’s tote bag kit, or make their very own personalized shirt to wear on the first day of school. The best part? You can wipe the design clean and make a new one when you’re ready for a change!

The key to keeping stress at bay is planning ahead and arranging an arsenal full of products to help make the task at hand a little more manageable.  To help simplify the season, lifestyle expert Jenn Falik stopped by the TODAY show to share the Better Basics you need this holiday.

Tips to get your family organized before the start of school - From the TODAY Show


With Elizabeth Mayhew

Keeping the family organized before back-to-school season can be daunting, so lifestyle expert and TODAY contributor Elizabeth Mayhew joins TODAY to share simple ways to get tasks in order. Mayhew suggests creating a plan to work together and shares different products, such as custom pin boards and personalized backpacks.

Back-to-school supplies that'll get your kids excited to hit the books

August 24, 2018


By Ryan Perry

Don't like this design? Erase it and start again!

Having trouble picking a first day of school shirt with the perfect message? Customize it yourself, or let your kid design their own. Chalk of the Town shirts can be drawn on (and erased) just like a chalkboard, so your kiddo can rock fresh looks until they grow out of it. Buy a single shirt, and suddenly your kid has the perfect shirt for Spirit Day, Valentine’s Day, Taco Tuesday, and any other day she’s feeling particularly expressive.

By Jennifer Berger

This year, kids will find cool gear that looks great and is functional, and they will find toys that will expand their minds, and pique their curiosity," said Laurie Schact, co-publisher of The Toy Insider, a consumer guide for parents.


Follow our guide to the latest gadgets, snacks, supplies and good ole fun stuff to get ahead of the trends. . .

Personalize this tote time and time again to match your needs any day. The chalk easily washes off with a damp cloth so your creativity never has to end. Pack comes with a silver heart tote, two chalk markers and an erasing cloth; $19.95 at


by Marika Flatt, Travel Editor in Gift Guide, Lifestyle

Whether your'e heading to the airport, taking a road trip, or simply doing a 'staycation', we've got what you need to make this the BEST. SUMMER. EVER.

The Chalk Of The Town chalkboard T-shirt product has been named 2018 KIDS PRODUCT OF THE YEAR by Creative Child Magazine.  In addition, Chalk Of The Town also received the 2018 CREATIVE PLAY OF THE YEAR AWARD.

The Creative Child Awards Program takes a unique approach to review products.  Each year, a two day event is held in Hendersen, Nevada where over 60 guest reviewers consisting of moms, educators and early education professionals are invited to review products.  Based on the scores and comments, one winner in each category is chosen.  The entire list of winners will be published in summer of 2018 on the Creative Child Magazine website.

When I discovered the Chalk of the Town t-shirts at Toy Fair 2018, I was so excited! The basics: chalkboard shapes like talk bubbles or hearts on a tee, that kids can write on with chalk markers, wash…then start all over again.

Right away, I exclaimed that my kids would have loved having these for the Women’s March and — no surprise — turns out I know my kids pretty well. They flipped out over the shirt the company generously sent us to try out, and my middle schooler immediately added the hashtag #NeverAgain to hers and wore it to school the next day, to bring attention to the peaceful 17-minute school walkout on March 14 to commemorate the lives lost in Parkland, Florida. (click here for full article)

One of our favorite things about meeting the people behind the toys at the New York Toy Fair is coming across awesome Mama-run companies! We loved meeting the folks at Chalk-of-the-Town, and think your kiddos will love their markable and erasable chalk t-shirts!

So you’re looking for a cool gift for a birthday party? Look no more! We LOVE Chalk of the Town shirts and had so much fun learning about this cute brand at the New York Toy Fair!  (click the link for the entire article)

By Lisa L. Colangelo 

This is one crafty sister act.


Sondra Mansfield and Wendy Gross Almasanu combined years of experience in graphic design, marketing and engineering to come up with a unique chalkboard T-shirt that can be customized over and over.  Just a year after launching Chalk of the Town, their products are sold in more than 150 stores across the country and the patent for their chalkboard material is pending.  And the savvy sisters expanded this holiday season with a special T-shirt package being sold at Lincoln Center in conjunction with performances of “The Nutcracker” and with a new partnership with the Girl Scouts (click on link to read full article).